Long Distance Advocacy

There are many times that a key family member initiates the advocacy agreement due to their mom, dad or aunt that has had a sudden change in health status.  This often occurs as we age; however because there is healthcare afforded for everyone, the attentiveness may not be what we would intend for our loved one.  This type of advocacy is a perfect fit for Anchor nurses.  Along with a consultation, the ongoing visit from an experienced registered nurse to assess the progress or decline and maintain communication regarding the wellbeing of your loved one is given to the designated family or friend.  The fee is determined by detail of physical illness such as multiple comorbidities, number of visits to client and provider visits accompanied by an Anchor nurse.   

Acute Care Advocacy

We never know when a crisis or sudden injury is going to happen.  As a critical care trauma nurse I understand and know how to expertly communicate with physicians and nurses regarding your loved one.  Whether it is a minor injury with a trip to the emergency room or a more critical event that requires intensive care, Anchor will be by your side the entire course.   

Alternative Treatment Modalities

In your advocate package the following specialties will be consulted:

Nutrition, counselors, psychiatrists, massage therapist, acupuncture therapy, yoga, meditation, wellness fitness coach, and other healthcare providers