I’ve been there. When my dad became ill several years ago, I wished I had someone to help us through the medical maze. And I’m a nurse! I was watching this strong man who had been my hero all my life weaken and wither. He didn’t let go easily, but step by step I began to manage his life since he no longer could. First I took the checkbook home and worked on finances. Next he allowed me to arrange an attorney to prepare the necessary documents like healthcare agent, power of attorney, and so many more. I wanted to just be his daughter … to support him emotionally. But in the last six months of his life, my time with him was squandered by medical and life matters. I wish I knew then what I know now.                                                

Soon after his passing, I discovered healthcare advocacy and knew that after 30 years as a nurse, I could use my professional and personal experience, my compassion and empathy for others, and my ability to chart a clear course in an often complicated system to be that caring advocate resource for others.

A healthcare advocate is ideal for people who:

  • Aren’t familiar with doctor speak and medical jargon

  • Need help when crises arise (emergency room event, prolonged hospital stay, transfer to home/rehab/long term care)

  • Are children/siblings living far away from their parent(s)/loved one(s) who are experiencing healthcare issues

  • Have complicated diagnoses, often involving multiple “ologists”

Whether you found Anchor Healthcare Advocates on your own, through your doctor, or from another website or colleague, I’m glad you’re here. And I invite you to learn about how Anchor Healthcare Advocates’ expertise can help you or your loved one navigate the oftentimes muddy waters of the healthcare world.




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