The Advocate

The word advocate seems to be popping up everywhere in the media these days.  In healthcare it means to support and recommend a particular treatment plan for the individual.  With a private advocate as an adjunct to your team some of the missed processes and duplication can be prevented.  Coordinating health services, finances, healthcare surrogate designation and organizing this for the individual saves time and money.  

One of my friends said everyone over the age of 50 should have an advocate!  It's actually advantageous to all ages.  Imagine if we could educate one person each day on the importance of healthcare advocacy for all humans.  Instead of being on the phone to insurance companies for hours you could be enjoying time with family or your favorite hobby.   Having an advocate attend your doctor's visit readied with pointed questions can reduce your anxiety and increase your satisfaction about your visit.  

The healthcare system is already complex.  Humans are complex.  Navigating takes a special person with experience and compassion for humans.  Anchor provides the missing piece keeping the human factor as the primary approach to assisting you in your healthcare journey.  Think of Anchor as natural as the breath.  We inhale and exhale without a second thought.  Anchor takes care of you effortlessly.