Remembering My Dad

I was adopted when I was a few days old.  My dad will always be the only father I have ever known.  He died nearly five years ago.  Today I am reminded of the many gifts he gave me.

I called him on a regular basis to ask about certain foods as I considered him an expert in seasonal fruits and vegetables.  I know now that in January, grapefruit are excellent to buy since it is their peak season.  I've never seen someone love citrus so much!  And in June when I go to the grocery store I had to buy a cantaloupe.  I can still see him picking up the cantaloupe, smelling it and giving it a thump or two to see if it was ripe. The nutritional benefits of cantaloupe include Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Niacin, dietary fiber and folic acid.  Almost sounds like the perfect food!

This is how my dad ate his cantaloupe

This is how my dad ate his cantaloupe


He loved to stop at local farmers markets and vegetable stands he would pass while driving.  Little did he know he was ahead of his time.  The movement toward organic foods and non-genetically modified food trend has really skyrocketed.  I've learned everything I know from my dad about fruits and vegetables.   He shared his appreciation of having garden style fresh food.  My healthy eating lifestyle is directly a benefit of having my dad.  Thanks dad!

Photo source:  Pinterest