Rockin' Like a Healthy Hurricane - Your Healthcare Advocate Prevention Care List


Living in Florida I have had many chances of preparing for a hurricane; however never experienced one firsthand.  June 1st began our Atlantic hurricane season.  A hurricane is a type of tropical cyclone with a low pressure system that generally forms in the tropics.  I visited Miami shortly after Hurricane Andrew and saw the aftermath of a category 5 hurricane.  The devastation of the beautiful lush Miami I grew up with was gone in less than 24 hours.  For hurricane check list:  Hurricane Preparedness Article

2003 Hurricane Isabel photographed from the International Space Station

2003 Hurricane Isabel photographed from the International Space Station


Similar to our health, a sudden and unexpected storm of events can occur and change the course of our life forever.   As your patient advocate focused with a preventive health philosophy, I have compiled a wellness preparedness checklist.  Unlike hurricane season during June 1 through November 20th, maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit is a 365 day job. 

I have created a list to help you maintain and/or reach your wellness state.  Click here.





Memorial Day

If the highest aim of a captain were to preserve his ship, he would keep it in port forever.
— Thomas Aquinas

Americans celebrate Memorial Day in many ways.  I hope all of us took a moment to remember those Americans who served our country in Civil War or foreign wars like my dad during World War II.    Because of their bravery we have the freedom to celebrate with family and friends sharing food and conviviality in whatever way we like.   

This year I went sailing on our boat #svgatogo with my husband.  We joined about 30 fellow sailors for an annual bar-b-que.  Meeting new people and socializing is a great way to live a little longer.  Maintaining close relationships also protect us against illness by boosting our immune system.   We hear interesting sailing stories and learn from the experienced sailors who have sailed all over the world.  Although I have traveled several hundred miles on our sailboat, we primarily sail on the West coast of Florida.  If we were to travel further south to Key West or Cuba, we would depend on more experienced sailors to guide us through the voyage.

When setting out for a sailing weekend we begin the arduous detail of weather watching.  We try to obtain the wind direction, the speed, and the tides.  How we use our nautical tactics will ultimately steer us to our destination; however the weather is unpredictable.  Similarly in healthcare, we choose a provider from our insurance plan, schedule the appointment and gather our records.  Out best strategy for smooth sailing toward healthy living can be challenging at times.

Having a patient advocate navigate your healthcare journey will reduce stress for you and your family.  Whatever the issue, Anchor Healthcare Advocates has the expertise and years of experience to help you.