Telehealth is a Great Addition to Your Healthcare Toolbox

The benefits of telehealth through videoconferencing allow you to be face to face with your provider.  This can give you peace of mind anywhere you are regarding your non-emergency health issues. When taking responsibility for my health and lifestyle, I have the 20 minute rule.  While I was a clinical nurse and had to call a doctor for results, if no answer within 20 minutes, a second call would be placed.  At a scheduled primary care physician appointment I follow the same standard.

Time is valuable to me and I take a proactive role in my health, wellness and fitness.  Telehealth is one of my preferred health choices that give me a greater opportunity to stay #fitover50.  According to statistics with some telehealth companies, you can schedule an appointment within 10 minutes of your call or at your own convenience which gives you control over your time and health status.

Top 5 benefits of telehealth

1.       Provides a convenient way to access a physician 24/7/365 for non-emergent issues.  It can be accessed through the internet via your smart phone or your laptop at home. 

2.       Reduces cost to patient and employer.  When the health issue is immediately identified you are able to see a doctor within hours of the initial symptoms. Telehealth may reduce time away from work by cutting down on commuting time either for yourself, a child or an aging parent.  

3.       Initial contact with a provider can identify necessity of a specialist.

4.       Providers who manage population health under risk adjusted base arrangements under Medicare and other private insurers can reduce expensive hospital admissions, emergency room visits and re-admissions to the hospital. 

5.       Once the health concern is identified, questions can be answered in a timely manner, prescription medication (non-narcotic) can be prescribed and instructions on the treatment of the illness can be given.

Watch Anchor Healthcare Advocates website for upcoming news for telehealth for their clients.