Why do I need another person at my doctor’s appointment when there are several other staff members already present?

By asking pertinent questions in the presence of your care provider I can help reduce the disparities and variation among the different health care providers.  As your advocate, I am part of the team.

I’ve seen hospitals and doctors offices have staff to help with questions.  Why do I need to hire someone separately? 

I am working for you.  The staff from the hospital and physician offices are paid by their company.  I have your special interest at hand and will assist with difficult medical decisions and guide you through the process of the healthcare system.

Why would I hire an advocate when I can go to the Internet and find information about the disease I have?

When faced with a new diagnosis there are many new decisions to make, different treatment options to assess, new medications and new doctors. Anchor Healthcare advocates specializes in navigating you through your healthcare journey. Even with vast knowledge that the Internet has offered us, experience with the healthcare system is invaluable and can save time and money.

Why isn't Anchor Healthcare Advocates services covered by insurance?

Anchor is a private, independent company that you hire directly to work for you. Many hospitals and insurance companies have hired advocates and their recommendations can be based on benefiting both. What if the scenario is helping the patient but at the same time expensive for the insurer?