Anchor Healthcare Advocates is available to help you:

  • Assess your medical condition(s) and treatment options

  • Review and discuss your healthcare records. Prioritize and provide recommendations based on current state of health.

  • Assist with choosing specialists

  • Create summary of care document (includes all medical history) for client and healthcare providers

  • Facilitate communication with physicians and healthcare staff

  • During in-patient hospitalization, schedule visits, organize plan of care and be pivotal facilitator with healthcare team

  • Assist with difficult medical decisions

  • Private yoga instruction for all levels

  • Private meditation practice and instruction for all levels

  • Review drugs and interactions

  • Reach family consensus on health-related decisions for a loved one

  • Find legal assistance for medical errors, guardianship, and durable power of attorney

  • Assist with claim organization, contacting providers to negotiate lower cost

  • Plan for end of life care, including advance directive assistance

  • Coach caregivers

  • Find daily living assistance, in-home nursing care, assisted living, nursing home accommodations, palliative care, and hospice services

  • Educate regarding disease process, medications and other alternative treatment options

If you don’t see a service you need, let’s talk about it during your healthcare advocate consultation.