Tricia Schuster, RN, RYT

Health care Nurse Consultant

Tricia has been a registered nurse with the Florida Board of Nursing since 1996. She has extensive experience in the ICU, hospice, palliative care - as well as medical cannabis - and is currently a member of The American Cannabis Nurses Association. Tricia has a vast understanding of the newly discovered endocannabinoid system (the most prevalent neurotransmitter throughout the entire brain and body) and a deep passion to help others understand how our own endocannabinoids work so intricately with the phytocannabinoids from the cannabis plant. Throughout her nursing career, she has developed multiple hospital-wide programs including a bereavement program (2003), the first palliative care consultation team in the State of Florida (2005), and Meaningful Conversations advance care planning program (2016). In addition to nursing, Tricia has done extensive work in the fields of yoga and mindfulness. In 2012, she received her Yoga Alliance teacher certification through The Asheville Yoga Center and in 2015, completed a mindfulness training course through The Greater Good Science Center at UC-Berkeley. She has worked with various groups and organizations – including elementary schools, attorneys, bank executives, and hospital staff – to implement daily mindfulness practices. Her current work is in the merging of mindfulness and medical cannabis - using these two modalities, synergistically, as a way to help clients connect to their own capacity for health and healing of the body, mind and spirit.